Re-starting Properazzi

by Alistair Helm

It seems strange to look back through the archives of this site and see how much I wrote over a 2 year period between 2012 and 2014. This was when I was searching out my next move after my time leading the development of as its first CEO. During those two years I spent sometime working with Simon Baker at Property Portal Watch, engaging in the wider global landscape of property portals, whilst at the same time commentating on the real estate industry and analysing the real estate market here in NZ on this blog.


I’ve not written an article here for close on 3 years, during which time I have been an employee of Trade Me Property leading the digital product team to enhance and grow the product portfolio to support buyers, sellers and agents in the quest to leverage digital technology.


That time in Trade Me has now ended, and I find myself free to write again about my passion - the property market and the real estate process. During my time at Trade Me I was not a straight-jacketed; but as an employee I recognised that I was inextricably linked to the brand and the company and it was not right to write the type of opinion pieces I had done in the past. I did though maintain my analytical role, authoring the monthly Property Price Index of sales and rental data published on the site, keeping my hand in to maintain my skills, knowledge and awareness of the property market.


Trade Me is an outstanding company, a great team of people with the most amazing culture and my time there was rewarding, challenging and fun. I will follow very closely the future of Trade Me and Trade Me Property especially in the coming years, just as I do with, they are part of my history, something I am proud of.


So here I am gently stocking the embers, and taking tentative steps to my future and sharing them on Properazzi.


I left Trade Me because I didn’t feel I was doing my best work. I have not though left the real estate industry. I have been in this industry now for close to 12 years and have clearly found my niche. The future will see me stay within this industry and seek out my next career move. More of this to come.


So I'm back, with a slightly re-designed Properazzi. I expect to contribute articles that are informed, analytical and I hope interesting. Thanks for stopping by. Follow me on Twitter as this is my most active platform for the full picture of opinions and articles, equally feel free to sign up to my email newsletter (if you're not already an existing subscriber).