Advice for property buyers

by Alistair Helm in

In addition to my articles here on Properazzi I am also working with John Bolton at Squirrel, the property and mortgage experts. I am contributing some regular articles on subjects of interest to property buyers and sellers.

I thought I would highlight my most recent articles which I think are of value especially to buyers at this time and state of the property market: 


Auctions - some thoughts on psychology

If you have ever attended a property auction you are sur to have though about the best way to approach bidding and the right tactics to use to win on the day. I was watching an intro video to an auction recently and it finished by saying "good luck" in today's auction - I thought you should never rely on good luck. So here is an article about what I see as the psychology of bidding at auctions and some tactics to try - not full-proof or guaranteed for success but worth going for!


As a buyer what should you expect from your agent?

I think we all know (or we should know) that agents work for vendors because they are retained and paid by the agent a commission on the successful unconditional sale of their property and therefore always have the vendors best interests uppermost. For the buyer it is very important to know what to expect from an agent in the NZ property market, so here are some tips and advice in this article now published on the Squirrel website



Don't hibernate as winter weather approaches - be a smart buyer

We are a nation of propert hunters who love to flock round open-homes on sunny afternoons, as a serious buyer don't get drawn into this behaviour, be a contrarian, pound the streets on cold rainy wet winter days as this could be the best time to search for property and is a smart time to buy. Property sales don't fluctuate much over the winter months despite what you may think and whilst many sellers wait until the spring weather arrives before listing their house, there are many houses to choose from that get listed during the winter months, many by people who are to use the phrase "seriously motivated" to sell - have a read of the full article