Closing down email newsletter

by Alistair Helm in

In the early days of writing this blog I set up a weekly email as a marketing tool to build readership and provide a weekly collection of links and stories beyond the scope of my writing ability.

I used the excellent facility of MailChimp to handles these emails. Over time I have built a small but engaged community and have published 9 weekly emails. However the email became one more thing that took my time and effort and I have found that it is time I no longer have available due to other work commitments.

So I have decided to shut down the weekly email. I have informed those subscribers and will remove the newsletter page shortly from the site.

A question I did get from a few eager readers was the RSS feed for the articles. There are two RSS feeds - one for the Opinions and the other for Insight & Analysis:



I have also for archive purposes provided below the summary of each of the emails and the links to them should any of the content be of interest.

11th January 2013 - Choosing the best real estate agent / Market observations from Olly Newland / Property for sale should have a sell-by-date / Surprising data in first NZ Property Report of the year / So what does $134m buy you in London / Latest research on the role of digital in the house hunting process / When young people buy their own homes, they feel like citizens with a stake in society / 15 buying and selling myths

7th December - Blink and you've bought a house / Coolest 25 houses of 2012 / Better to buy or rent? / Available inventory of property for sale falls as sales continue to rise / Gap narrows between asking price and sale price in Auckland / Here's a new way to use Google Street View / Properazzi now has a Facebook page / Internet trends - the 2012 update

30th November - Advertising property online vs offline / Could floating houses be the answer to Uk floods / Only 17% of sellers see value in make-overs / The affordable housing solution from the UK from under $20k / US property market finally seems to be getting a head of steam / Tablet devices are the future when searching for a home / Spain proposes to offer residency to prospective property buyers / Greatest real estate technology ever / Trade Me shows the way with new visual search

9th November 2012 - The property market in October certainly shows growing confidence (in Auckland at least) / Auckland house prices did not leap by $33,000 in a month / 30 of the most ingenious Japanese Home designs presented by Freshome / 1 in 3 searches for property in the UK on a mobile device / Installed base of smartphones and tablets set to overtake PC's early next year / House hunting in NZ how the NY Times portrays it

2nd November 2012 - Canterbury property market, latest insights and analysis / Warren Buffet moves into real estate / Overseas property websites report strong interest in NZ properties / NZ Property Report for October / 'The Hamptons' suffereing from the property market fall out as well / All marketers are dumb

26th October 2012 - Auckland housing - a crisis in the making / Wellington property market / When is a house not a house / Interest rates likely to remain lower for longer / Tree houses / Online marketing is the new prospecting tool for real estate agents / The Canterbury effect on the Auckland housing market

19th October 2012 - 5th anniversary of the housing slump / The great auction debate / Do you want to succeed in real estate? / Over priced property puts off 6 in 10 house hunters / Timber design awards / Rents are on the up - here in Auckland and similarly overseas / Mortgage lending continues a pace with new records being set / The US housing market is on the rise / Residential development conference - Auckland

12th October 2012 - There's something inherently wrong in real estate / Most expensive car park / Housing fever can work both ways / Auckland Property Investors Assoc presentation / Major UK lender abolishes interest only mortgages / Don't confuse low inventory with a lack of listings

5th October 2012 - Home broadband critical for house buyers / J.K. Rowlings house sale / Mortgagee sales data / Real Estate commissions / Auckland's CV infographic / Gold or Property as an investment / NZ Property Report