Further ideas on being a smarter buyer

by Alistair Helm in

In addition to the articles I write analysing and observing the property market and the real estate industry on this site I also provide observations and opinions working with John Bolton at Squirrel, the property and mortgage experts.

Here a a couple of recent articles I have written on the subject of advice in choosing the right type of house to buy and also what not to say to a real estate agent - enjoy and share!

The buying choice - Buy new or a refurb?


The allure of a new home or a recent renovation has significant appeal, however as the saying goes "all that glitters is not gold" and a wise cautionary approach might be recommended when assessing these buying options. Here's some advice tracing the pros and cons of these purchase options

The buying choice - A do-up or an existing family home


Whilst never the "shiny new thing" a good traditional family home or a property in dire need of serious work are good buying options as long as you have your eyes open and appreciate what you are getting and what you (or someone working for you) is going to have to do. Here's some advice tracing the pros and cons of these purchase options

Things you should never say to a real estate agent!


As a buyer you need to have your wits about you - you need to remember that the smiling-faced agent showing round your desired home is a wolf in sheep's clothing ready to pounce on any morsel of insight they can use for their clients advantage - here are some cautionary advice of what not to say!