Insight into social media strategy

by Alistair Helm in


I have just set up a separate Facebook page for Properazzi, 3 months after I launched this site. Somewhat late I must confess, but for me it was a conscious decision as to how I wanted to write, read and be found online.

I thought I would share my thoughts and logic around this decision, and would welcome input, criticism and comment as with all posts, just add comments at the foot of all posts (sometime it loads a little slowly - so be patient).

I have been a big fan and user of Twitter for many years ( 4 years, 8 months, 1 week, 1 day and 15 hours to be reasonably precise) - I use Twitter as a news service and broadcast marketing channel. Over the years I have created a following which in NZ terms is reasonably relevant at over 1,300. I like Twitter - I feel a sense of community, I gain insight and through the limited number of people I follow I get up-to the-minute links and insight around the things that matter - whats going on in the world generally and specifically in tech and in real estate.

As I said I also use Twitter as a broadcast medium - whenever I post an article I broadcast it out to my followers, I actively share relevant stories to my followers, stories that I find interesting and I feel will be of interest to others, that for me defines Twitter. What I tend not to do (although I do make a few exceptions) is tell people where I am or what I am doing. Sometimes I share an inspiring photo I take, but most of the time I don't use twitter to tell people of my day!

When it comes to the web and marketing yourself and in my case Properazzi I tend to have always focused on search engine optimisation and the pivotal role that Google plays in success. I have always written with an eye on SEO, in terms of content and headline, I think about how articles could be found under search terms and always ensure the rules of SEO are followed and adhered to.

So to Facebook - I must admit I have always had an uneasy relationship with Facebook. I joined up years ago as everyone did and for may years dismissed it as a party place for non-work related social connection - great for family and friends. Then over the past year or so I have been to presentations and gained a greater insight into the power of EdgeRank (the Facebook equivalent of Google's PageRank) and just how effective Facebook can be in building engagement and connection for people and businesses. The key though is that there must be a demarkation between business and private. I now more fully buy into the ability of Facebook to be a marketing platform for business. I use the term marketing not in the simplistic form of push-advertising but in the sense of marketing being about conversations.

I also have also long held the opinion that Facebook should never be the "home page" for a business, brand or company and recently shared that thought in the post I wrote "All marketeers are dumb!" - the necessity for every company, brand or business to have an owned space on the web is paramount.

With this changed perspective on Facebook I have eventually got round to setting up the new Facebook page for Properazzi. So what am I going to be doing on Facebook and what am I going to be doing on Twitter?

Well I am not going to be changing what I do on Twitter. Further I am not going to be just using Facebook as a mirror of the Properazzi blog and just post articles each time I write. One thing I have learned of Facebook is that they are not as agnostic as Google to external links - they like to be a walled garden so I propose to play to their rules. I will largely post new articles in short form and won't necessarily link out to posts. I will highlight a new post but not copy it onto Facebook in total. I will use images extensively, especially the charts I develop of market analysis, Facebook is great at sharing images - far more than articles. I will write short-form opinion of stories i see in the media to engage in the conversations on Facebook, these are the kind of stories that are hard to fit into the wonderful 140 character restriction of Twitter.

My strategy is to build an engagement around a community on Facebook and let them choose when they want to, to jump out of Facebook to read and comment in more depth on this site.

I hope this insight has been useful, it has been a bit of a summary, internal review for myself.