Properazzi musings on Facebook this week - 20 June

by Alistair Helm in

Smarter way to help people find where to live - the US real estate portal Trulia has created a game which based on responses to lifestyle aspirations or behaviours helps you better select a New York neighbourhood - great approach to the primary task of helping people choose where to live before - what to buy.

Significant shift in the property market over the past year - the May data from which powers the Property Dashboard has shown a significant easing in the shortage of inventory we have been experiencing over the past year

House earns more than your income! - the headline story from last weekend for me signalled a tipping point in the property market

Property sales in May continue to track down - the latest sales data from REINZ 

Attention to detail in real estate advertising - some shocking misspelling within real estate advertising!

It appears the UK and NZ property markets are joined at the hip - we are now seeing mirrored stories between the two countries!

The ultimate example of real estate marketing - the property is on sale for US$26m and the marketing online thru this unique quality site must have cost US$150,000+