Properazzi musings on Facebook this week - 6 June

by Alistair Helm in

Vendor Paid Marketing - in my view the term is inappropriate, the marketing campaign is the key question in selling a house and focusing on who is paying is illogical

What does the skyrocketing price of property mean for society? - a great article from a respected journalist about the London property market of relevance to Auckland and NZ 

How can NZ burst the housing bubble? - this is an interview I did with Paul Henry on his TV3 show this week - IMHO No Bubble / No Crisis! 

Affordability test for mortgage applicants or LVR restrictions? - some thoughts and observations as to the various options being looked at in the UK and NZ to cool the property market and why in my view we are fine as we are

Real Estate Speak - a somewhat lighthearted examination of a single listing which in my view is stacked full of superlatives and extravagant language

Property for rent with Bathroom & Kitchen in the same area - In my view a clear case of unprofessional behaviour by the real estate agent

Auction clearance rates falling - an excellent article from Campbell Live on Thursday night showcasing the empty auction rooms around Auckland indicating how the market has turned