Properazzi on Facebook - w/e 2 May

by Alistair Helm in

I have in the last couple of weeks changed my perspective on Facebook. My long term allegiance has been to Twitter as I have judged Facebook to be too jumbled and not worthy of engagement for what I focus on which I best describe as ‘long-form’ articles.

This change of focus is the result of a pragmatic realisation that in the course of a week there are moments when I have a thought or a reaction to something I read or hear about and I want to share it, but creating a full article seems somewhat of overkill and the 117 character limit of Twitter is too constraining. This is when I have turned to Facebook and have found a large and engaged audience. In some cases the pieces I have posted on Facebook have had a reach of over a thousand people, far in excess of what most of my article achieve - not fully accepting that reach and page views are relevant comparative metrics.

With this new approach to the use of Facebook I have decided that for those readers of this site who do not live constantly with their Facebook app open all the time, I will on a weekly basis aggregate these short-form articles from the Properazzi Facebook page into a single article here on this site - timed to coincide with the weekly email at the end of each week. 

So here are the collected articles and insights for week ending 2 May:


The LVR policy imposed by the Reserve Bank last October continues to constrain the property market


TVNZ Breakfast interview discussing the issue of affordability and & LVR impact


Have you tried using the words of Winston Churchill to sell a house??


Is this the worst listing photo you have ever seen ??