Property Market interview with NZ Herald - September

by Alistair Helm in

The beginning of each month spawns a whole new set of property data. The NZ Herald has invited me into their studios to chat through the key factors affecting the property market at this time. Here are the key topics discussed with Chris Daniels, the online editor.

1.         Latest property price data from Barfoot &Thompson the largest regional real estate company showed average prices easing over the past couple of months – indication of a continuing trend of easing or a restbite before a resurgence?

2.         The Reserve Bank LVR policy, what impact this will have on first time buyers, will its effect be on Auckland where the concern is or could the effect be felt greater outside of Auckland?

3.         The seasonal effect, coming into the Spring period when people traditionally think about moving – what impact will this have this year given the strength of the property market through the winter period?

4.         Auctions – the speculation around the continuing focus on Auctions as the preferred method of sale and the facts around some real estate companies offering incentives to agents when they succeed in securing a listing as an auction sale

The video can be viewed below or on the NZ Herald website