Real estate agents - a new UK documentary is addictive viewing

by Alistair Helm in

Television has long had an affinity with the real estate industry and property - we had the very successful series more than 15 years ago of Location Location Location which shot Michael Boulgaris to prominence and of course more recently Agent Anna. Then of course renovation of property is compulsive viewing with The Block; and from the UK who has not followed the path of Kirsty & Phil in the UK property programme Location Location Location. Property and the transaction of property makes for great TV - great real life drama, a slice of fantasy escapism and human emotions.

So it is not surprising that the UK has cooked up a new documentary series following the day to day lives of real estate agents. Aired earlier this month in the UK on BBC2 the first episode of Under Offer is available on You Tube for us kiwi's to watch.

I watched this first hour long episode with great interest and found it's excellent real life documentary style very watchable, whether you are in the industry or have a casual interest, because who cannot be interested in the lives of other, especially in such a public industry.

The Guardian review was most complementary stating "Under Offer: Estate Agents on the Job could be the most flattering TV portrait of estate agents yet" - I agree, the choice of agents shows a wide diversity and in so doing highlights the very many challenges encountered everyday in the profession.

I found it interesting that one of the most retweeted comment behind the hashtag of #UnderOffer was "It pays to have a sense of humour as an agent" 

Have a watch and see what you think - share your views and like me await the future episodes to come.