Smart marketing!

by Alistair Helm in

This week you could not have missed the annual ritual of creating April Fool's jokes to bring some brevity and lightness to the daily news. For me the favourite has to be the proposal that should Scotland decide to vote yes in their referendum on Independence in September then they would instigate a more to switch to driving on the right from 2017.. with all the consequential challenges that would create! Added to this all road signs would be re-written replacing the 'M' motorway reference to 'S' for Scotland naturally and 'A' roads will be called 'N' for National roads. I commend the Guardian for creating this great spoof - apparently one of 4 such spoofs based around Scottish Independence.

Spoofs aside the other April's Fool joke that caught my eye was of more relevant for property addicts and followers of digital real estate marketing. Trulia in the US produced a great piece of marketing - they produced a completely new site which demonstrated a great brand extension - from property searching, to searching for a partner for those in the real estate industry - welcome to Truluvia

Totally convincing, although these days developing such websites are not a massive piece of work, the concept is smart marketing in my mind. I love the simple idea that match-making can be based around the specialisation of real estate agents - Trulia's target customers. The Trulia brand has always been distinctive for being design based, warm, friendly, a true partner in the real estate process.

There is also a smart call-to-action from this site which not surprising is not that 'deep' in content - you get to update your profile on Trulia, thereby driving users to engage with the main Trulia site.

I think smart marketing speaks these days to demonstrating a genuine personality, showing a personal connection with your customers and being prepared to laugh a little at yourself, especially when the service you provide is so emotionally engaging. Smart work by Trulia!