New appointment at Property Portal Watch

by Alistair Helm in

Since leaving last year I have been taking some time to “Setting a new career path” as my LinkedIn profile states. I have been keen to remain involved in the real estate industry and be a catalyst for the greater influence of digital technologies in the reinvention of the industry – grand words, but I believe that real estate has to change and become more efficient. I don’t want to destroy the industry or those operating the business, I just want to see better use made of technologies that aid the consumer experience and enhance professionalism in the industry.

A core part of this digital revolution over the past 15 years has been the emergence of the property portal as the preeminent form for home shoppers searching for property to buy or rent. Globally the combined mass of real estate website would conservatively exceed 200 sites with a collective audience of 200 million unique visitors per month and represent commercial businesses generating revenues in excess of $1 billion. Real estate online is a massive global business and its growing fast.

With this as a backdrop and given my passion for running websites and being a part of this global expansion, it was not surprising that I have accepted the role as CEO of Property Portal Watch. This website is a highly specialised site established some 4 years ago by Simon Baker who was the former CEO of

The website business comprising the news of the property portal industry across the globe, together with international conferences as well as emerging business opportunities for added value services to property portals. The site is a core community for the many thousands of people who work in the industry each day.

This new role will fulfill my passion and ambition to remain part of the online real estate community, however it will not consume all of my time. I have gained significantly over the past 6 months running Properazzi. The site has grown a strong and loyal audience which this month will exceed 6,000 unique visitors, it has given me a media platform to share insight and analysis of the property market and also enable me to start to ask some hard questions about the industry.

I am not planning to move from New Zealand and will continue to run Properazzi and the business opportunities that come from it. That is the beauty of technology, I can run Property Portal Watch with a support team spread around the world and with customers and consumers across every country all based from my office in Auckland! 

Ask me Anything?

by Alistair Helm in

I was today invited to participate in the NBR's "ask me anything" online chat session. An hour long chance to respond to readers questions on 'anything'!

It felt a bit like a mix between a school exam and that game where heads keep popping up as you bash them down. I think I got through around 20 questions in my allotted hour. The questions and my answers are hosted here on the NBR site. I enjoyed the experience and felt the questions were a rich variety and for that my thanks go to those who posed those questions. Also my thanks to Chris Keall of the NBR for inviting me to be one of the participants.

If there are any questions that you have a burning need to ask me then please feel free to post a comment on this article at the bottom or send me a note via the contact form.