1st Birthday for Properazzi

by Alistair Helm in


Over the weekend this site passed its first milestone - it's 1st birthday. 

On Friday the 14th September last year I launched this website upon the world. At the time in that opening post I stated that I wanted to "fulfil my desire to provide a commentary on the market, some on-going analysis of the market and what I hope will be insightful and challenging opinion on the market".

In the past year I have certainly fulfilled that desire and passion. I have enjoyed the opportunity to write and share what in my opinion have been valuable and insightful articles on the property market and the real estate industry. I have enjoyed being free to state my view and shine a light on what I see as areas that need greater transparency.  

Being someone who loves data and analysis I thought I would share some of the stats of the past year.  

  • 163 articles have been published

  • 35,204 visitors have stopped by to read over 100,000 pages

  • On average they stay for just over 2 minutes and read 2.9 pages per visit

  • 83% of all traffic is from New Zealand with just under 5% from Australia

  • 38% of the traffic comes from Google as organic search traffic, just over 25% come direct; with Twitter accounting for 1 in 10 of all visitors

  • The split between people reading opinion pieces and insights is pretty even. The Property Dashboard is the most viewed single page

  • The most viewed article is the one I wrote on commissions it has been viewed over 2,500 times

  • The most valued referral site outside of Google and Twitter is the NZ Herald which has shared 2,200 visitors with me - a big thanks to them

  • I have not spend any money advertising the site over the past year - thanks to SquareSpace the site has cost me exactly $317 to set up and run over the past year