Scheduling property viewings just got a whole lot easier thanks to Skedge.Me

by Alistair Helm in


Here’s a scenario you’ll recognise. You see a property you like online, there’s no scheduled open home but you would love to view it. So what do you do. Email the agent or pick up the phone. Both methods whilst effective will likely result in a backwards and forwards flow of information to align calendars to arrive at a suitable time. Seems dumb in today’s technology world and wastes time for you and the agent.

Now there is the potential of a smart flexible solution. One that almost anyone can use.

Skedge.Me is a new service which was brought to my attention by the guys at 1000Watt Consulting who are the smartest team when it comes to shaping the future of real estate using technology.

Skedge.Me allows anyone to publish an interactive calendar on a website. Their own website, a property website or a company website. The calendar can be pre-set with allocated timeslots for the public to choose meeting times to view properties or catch up with agents.

I thought I would try the app and so set up using a 30 day trial. I’ve embedded the calendar on the weekly-newsletter page.

Weekly newsletter — Properazzi-1.png

You will see there are two options to set a meeting with me – you can meet me for a real estate meeting for which the time slots are pretty flexible, or you can see a schedule for viewing 22 North Street. In the second scenario of a viewing you will see I have opened up 30 minutes windows over 3 afternoons next week.

Weekly newsletter — Properazzi.png

It’s so easy, it took me 5 minutes to set up an account define the calendars I wanted and paste the code on the page of my site (you do need the ability to add code to a site).

2013-02-15 05.43.35.png

I also checked out the mobile experience. From an iPhone I navigated to the page and instead of seeing the calendar you see “Book” icon – clicking this takes you to a custom page hosted by Skedge.Me for my calendar perfectly formatted for mobile, making it really to schedule meetings and viewins whilst out and about.

Skedge.Me looks to be a great solution. As I see it, the solution only provides one embedded calendar per account with multiple options of what to schedule. This could work with a few properties.

For a larger real estate company I suspect they would need to talk to Skedge.Me about their white label solution. Best solution of all would be for the property portals to embed this solution into all listings and provide each agent with a back end access to manage their calendar.