Some ideas on being a smarter buyer or seller

by Alistair Helm in

In addition to my articles here on Properazzi I also working with John Bolton at Squirrel, the property and mortgage experts. I am contributing some regular articles on subjects of interest to property buyers and sellers.

Here are a few more of theses articles which I think are of value especially to buyers and sellers : 


Access to finance to buy a house is not a right, shame though that is! 

Regardless of whether you find yourself in a position of having the now more appropriate 20% deposit to qualify for a mortgage or not, the fact is; access to mortgage finance is not a right. You need to treat it as with anything you want in life - as a challenge, which if you prepare appropriately for you will be more likely to succeed at. 

Also the new Reserve Bank LVR changes do not mean you cannot get a low deposit mortgage, they are available to the right borrower, so be the right borrower

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Buy First, or Sell First? 

It will be a situation you have been in potentially, finding the home of your dreams and you have not even got your property on the market or even in a suitable condition to sell!  

So the question is, is it better to be on the market with your own home and then start looking to buy or vis versa? Naturally there are pros and cons. Here are a few

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The value in a property file

The standard documents that are considered critical in the property purchasing process are the legal title and the LIM, however I would add to this list the property file. This collection of documents held by the local council is a virtual treasure trove of valuable information, records and documents that amount to the potted history of the property. Well worth the time and minimal cost in examining and reviewing

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