There's something inherently wrong in real estate - a NZ perspective

by Alistair Helm in

I have long been a respectful fan of the US team who run 1000Watt - a specialist consulting services company providing guidance and strategic management to companies in the real estate industry, both in the US and internationally - I have met all of the principles over the years and value their skills and vision for the industry.

Their blog is always pithy and most often challenging and thought provoking. Today's article hits the spot!

I would ask you to read "There's something inherently wrong in real estate" - read it as a consumer, real it as a real estate salesperson, read it as a business owner.

Then perhaps share your thoughts - please feel free to comment on their blog, but also take the time to share a thought / comment here so we can generate a NZ perspective.

As to my view.

I have spent over 6 years working in the real estate industry - not as a salesperson, nor a business owner, but running the leading real estate website for the industry. That role gave me an insight into the industry. Over the years I met many, many people in the industry and discussions often gravitated to where the industry would go in the future, the impact of technology, the changes in legislation - the list goes on.

My view is, as this blog post asserts that there is something inherently wrong in the industry. The lack of a formal apprenticeship is key, the formulaic like adoption of what has worked before, the over resourced nature of the industry with too many people literally fighting each other for the next listing. The lack of appreciation and value of marketing. I could go on. I will go on in a future blog post sharing my opinion, but for now I would like you to read the words of Marc Davison and share your thoughts.