What were the Top 10 articles of 2013

by Alistair Helm in


I thought I would start 2014 by looking at the 10 topics that most engaged readers in the past 12 months - it was the first full calendar year of Properazzi so in looking back it provides some valuable insight as to what people found engaging and enlightening in the past year.

The most read article was the subject of real estate commissions. The subject is clearly of great interest to property hunters as the key data on how much agents charge is in fact quite hard to find and as a result the search terms is widely used and that has resulted in the majority of the visitors to this article having come from Google.

Next was the highly related article on how much does a real estate earn? which used extensive analysis to identify how much agents actually earn on average across the country by region. Clearly of use to those aspiring new agents as well as to the public in general.

Switching from agents commission and earnings the 3rd most read article was about Auckland house prices and making sense of the data, clearly this hit the right note as an analysis as it hot the right note as Auckland house prices have been the topic of most social gatherings of the past year and making sense of the variety of data is key to being better informed, so I hope this article helped

The fourth most popular article took us right back to the first two by asking "Should real estate agents be paid $1.5m a year in earnings?" - this article certainly caused some heated discussion and debate especially as it was syndicated to other media.

At number 5 is the article I wrote as an opinion piece which was published in the NZ Herald looking at whether we should seriously get rid of CV's - that is the premise that it is misleading to constantly refer to sale prices as benchmarked to the ratings assessment valuation.

The next most read article was the opinion piece I wrote posing the question, are auctions the most favored method of sale or the favourite method of sale by agents. Auctions have been  a consistent theme of mine this past year as the super-heated market especially in Auckland has driven a record level of property marketing by auction as the method of sale.

The 7th most read article was a rather unusual one which I wrote having been alerted to the fact that in the UK the leading grocery store of Tesco were selling garden houses - effectively flat-packed homes from under $20,000 - this at a time when the general discussion in the media revolved around the affordability of home building.

Moving from topics regarding agents and property sales data the 8th most read article would most likely appeal to agents and business owners as I investigated the significant change Trade Me made to their advertising terms for real estate companies and agents - what I judged to be a radical change.

The 9th most read article was about the property market in Wellington, clearly whilst Auckland may garner the lion's share of public comment on house prices, those int he capital are as interested in their property market.

Rounding out the top 10 is one of my favourite articles in which I made the assertion that real estate is massively inefficient. I sought to demonstrate that the processes of real estate had changed little despite the advances of technology leaving opportunities for new initiative - maybe some of which we will see in 2014.

So all in all an interesting Top 10 - a mix of interest as I hope that I can continue to deliver in 2014.