You are a savvy buyer!

by Alistair Helm in

Newspaper reading vintage.jpg

I should qualify that statement; you are a far savvier buyer than your parents. The fact is buyers and sellers in today’s property world are smart, well informed and able to make informed decisions far in excess of what previous generations could hope to achieve.

This is such an important fact to consider when you first start thinking about stepping onto the property ladder or taking a step up. Consider for a moment the things we take for granted today in the property buying and selling process that would have been merely a dream a couple of decades ago.

Twenty years ago say, there were only 2 ways to find out what properties were available to purchase. You would go visit the local real estate office. Not just one thiugh; you would have to visit them all to ask what properties they had for sale. Alternatively you would wait until the weekend to check out what properties were advertised in the local paper or property magazine. No such thing as email alerts or live updates of new listings then. You had to do the hard work, a regular visit to real estate offices to collect printed sheets of property for sale, if you were lucky the local property magazine was dropped off at your house.

Details on an individual property was sketchy to say the least. In the paper you might get a single photo – more often than not, a black and white photo. It was not uncommon to have just a few lines of description as properties were listed by suburb under general classifieds – pages of them! To get so see more of a property you had to visit the home. Yes open homes were, as they are today a valuable means of assessing a property. Alternatively you had to succumb to the company of your friendly local real estate agent who would drive you around a number of properties encouraging you to see this one… or this one… and maybe you should consider this one!

As for background information on recent sales prices or the current rating assessment from the local council, that data was safely locked up behind government departments with stern looking counter staff who reacted to official compliance request at glacial pace as box files were referenced to provide answers.

So every time you flick up a browser window, receive an email alert, click a smartphone app or download a property file give a moment’s thought to how lucky you are to have so much insight and information to hand to make you such a savvy buyer!