Property Dashboard - Otago

October 2014

The Otago region represents a fairly stable property market. The pace of the market and pace of price increase are comfortably in the green zone. Overall this should provide a degree of confidence for buyers and sellers alike, although there is a weakness in pricing.

The market activity eased in September continuing a recent trend a clearance rate of 16.9% down from a high in June of 18.7%. The level of available inventory on the market of properties for sale eased in the month from 24.4 weeks to 25.7 weeks of stock based on current rate of sale providing a slightly better selection of property for buyers. The current rate of price appreciation remains subdued at 1.4% down from 1.6% in August but down from the levels of 3.4% seen a year ago.


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 Notes on Dials and Data:

The Inventory indicates the level of available properties for sale at the end of the prior month, relative to the rate of sale of properties in the month. Thereby indicating that based on this rate of sale, how long it would take to sell all the stock of houses.

It is expressed in terms of weeks of available inventory. The number of properties on the market is the actual at the end of the prior month. The sales are the seasonally adjusted sales in the prior month

For example if there are 900 properties on the market and the sales in the month total 150 then the inventory will be 26 weeks - meaning if that rate of sale continued it would take 26 weeks (6 months) to sell all the properties.

The Pace indicates the rate of sale, in other words how active the market is.

This is measured as a clearance rate. It is the proportion of properties on the market that are sold in the month. The measure of sales is the 12 month moving average. The properties on the market is the actual number at the end of the prior month.

The source data is the REINZ property sales data and the monthly Property Report

For example with 900 properties for sale on the market and sales on a 12 month moving average of 150 the clearance rate is 16.7%

The Price movement is the variance expressed as a % of the current month's price vs. the same month a year earlier.

The source data is the REINZ median sales price for provincial regions with the Stratified Median Price Index for the 3 main cities. The variance is based on a 12 month moving average price.

The range is set to reflect the 2% Policy Target of the Reserve Bank being the vertical position of the dial.

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